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Oleh: Ahmad Subhan Yazid

Congregational Prayer

There are many people who learn leadership of various experiences and literatures, but they did not always succeed when implementing it. The successful leader is usually measured on the effectivity, efficiency, and productivity of the organization. Leadership in organizations was deemed as strategic manner, so that the organization’s progress is determined by the quality of leadership.

The leader is the core of management. A management vision will not be achieved without a leader. Leadership can only be carried out by a leader, where the leader is someone who has the expertise to lead, communicate and and invite a group of people that lead to a specific purpose.

In a simple, the values ​​of leadership can be seen from the activities of the congregational prayer. Congregational prayer has some principles, starting from how to call members of the congregation, started activities, how to determine the prayer leader or priest, loyalty, and the award will be accepted by all those involved in these activities. On the basis of these principles, although the number of congregation in prayer is thousands and even millions, it can be run in an orderly manner.


In the congregational prayer, priest prayer is one of the most important elements. Priest prayer is a leader for his congregation. Therefore, he has a great responsibility to the congregation. Departing from writer’s knowledge and some literature, there are many leadership values ​​contained in the congregational prayer:


The composition of the congregational prayer is the priest and the congregation. This illustrates in a leadership, there must be a leader and some leds. If one of them does not exist, who would be led or who will lead?



Congregational prayer is led by only one priest. Although the number of congregation is one million, the priest only one. This illustrates a leadership must lead by only one leader. If there is more than one leader, the policy direction chosen by each leader tends to differ from one another, so people will be confused to follow the leader which one. Moreover, the policies of the leaders that are not necessarily in line with the policy direction of the other leaders, then the dual leadership will tend to create some conflict.


A priest must have the ability to read Al-Quran fluently and also has extensive knowledge of the Islamic religion. With this, it can be analogized that a leader should have the intelligence and high intellectual ability. Intellectual intelligence and is needed for the leader to solve issues and problems faced in his leadership. A leader who does not have high intelligence and intellectual power, feared when he faces problems, he will break it rashly, without thinking about the impacts arising from the problems.


When we are on the way and want to do congregational prayer in a mosque, though none among the people in the prayer room know each other. However, when one has chosen to be a priest, the other must be willing to become a congregation. Someone had to be sincere and willing when he lead, as well as when he led,  hadn’t he?


A priest must follow the rules and laws when leading congregational prayer. In leadership, obedience to the law of a leader is also an absolute requirement that must be done by a leader. A form of obedience to this law, is to implement and execute its leadership in accordance with the legislation applicable law. The leader who  obey this law, means he do a valid mandate to his leadership.



In the congregational prayer, congregation required to follow the movements made by a priest. That is, a leader should be a role model for his people. A leader who is able to give an example for his people, has a greater chance for success of the programs that have been designed.

This has been exemplified by the Prophet when leading his people. As a proof, when the Prophet delivered hadith “shalluu kamaa raitumuuniy ushalliy”, the prophet has been practiced prayers in ways that is good and true first. By doing so, the companions of the Prophet able to imitate and practice their prayer ritual same as prophet do.

Loyalty of congregation to the priest is an important. However, things need to be underlined, that all that is done by the congregation is not for the benefit of priests. Movement and reading of congregation was not intended to lead.

It is very different from the organization’s leadership. Subordinates or staff work for a boss. It said that, when his leaders was not in place, the quality of the staff will decrease. That is why, today in every organization developed what is called the vision and mission of the organization. Thus it was, staff work not only to fulfill the pretension of its leader, but should be directed to realize the vision and mission of the organization.


A priest prayer has a responsibility towards his congregation including in terms of the validity of prayer. The responsibilities owned by priest started since takbiratul ihram until the completion of the greeting as a sign out of prayer. A leader, have a great responsibility towards his people. The responsibilities of a leader starts since he was sworn in as leader until the completion of the task of leadership. All sorts of problems emerged, it became the responsibility for him to find the best solution. If this responsibility is not done properly, he also has to bear the consequences. Directly, he would get criticism from his people, in addition, he will also get the law consequences of the responsibilities were neglected.



Unity in the congregation. One of the most important tasks of a leader is to maintain the unity and integrity of the people. By keeping the unity of the people, the unity of the state can be maintained. In maintaining the unity of this people, of course, also takes other values ​​embodied in himself a leader. Starting from the problem-solving skills, to be an example or role model, able to understand the needs of the people, to be democratic, including being a shield for his people from the threat.


In prayers when the priest forgot the number cycles or do incorrect readings, a congregation must remind the priest by saying “Subhan Allah”, then the priest back to his feet to fulfill cycles accompanied congregation. In prayers, we are taught to remind the leader is not in the form of reproach, but a compliment. Manner remind so smooth. Never have we taught to denounce leader.

So what if the priest believes, that what he do is right (although in truth it was wrong) and the priest continue his movement. Congregation must keep follow him, isn’t he? If congregation don’t follow the priest, the congregational prayer will be dismissed. When the prayer is finished, a congregation continue to fulfill his lacking.  After finished, the congregation has just reminded priests that the priest has done a mistake  or more.

There was not a “coup” in prayers. A leadership process must run to completion. then after the completion of the leadership, where the leader has an error, the leds have obligatory to be reminder of the leader.


Then, among the umpteen congregation, a congregation that is just behind the priest is a congregation that has quran reading as well as priests. When the priest canceled amid prayers, The exact congregation behind the priest will replace him. In a leadership, led people have to obey the leader.

If leader do something wrong, the people must remind him to certain rules. If the leader must step down amid his leadership, someone has competent and trustworthy must be prepared to replace the leader, not at random. So that the substitute is able to continue the “work programs” that have been made by the previous leader well.

Eleventh and furthermore

Never in a prayers there is a congregation that coup the priest. The priest will reverse himself when he lost a priest criteria (ie cause by fart), the priest must step down to be replaced by the congregation competent which is right behid him with the awareness. During the leadership, whether slow or fast the priest lead prayers. Congregation is not justified precedes the priest.

We also know, in a mosque is not justifiable there are two groups of congregation, who both have each priest. If you want to form a new congregation, make sure the prayers who have previously been completed. We are not justified in establishing a new state within a sovereign state. Or we set up a new organization within an organization.

Moreover, the priest also should always consider the condition of his congregation. At a certain prayer, priests are encouraged to read the letters that are not too long, it is feared there are congregations who have limited time. A leader must understand prayer to the interests or conditions of led people. Similarly, it should be run in a variety of other types of leadership.


Leadership values ​​contained in a priest’s prayer, a reflection of learning for a leader in the real world. Not only on the race leader, but also the leadership of the smallest sphere, it is the individual itself. Therefore, every man is a leader. The prayer priest, as a leader for the routine ritual of worship of Muslims, has been able to carry out with good leadership theory and ideal. If the leaders have not been able to implement the theories of leadership properly, it could be, be priest prayer will be one of the preconditions in due diligence for the potential our leaders. Could be, candidates for governor or a presidential must learn to the prayer priest.- Allaah knows best.


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